we create cool games

we know what we doing


we actually know our stuffs 

Yes we are a new company, but before this company, as individuals we worked on some very impressive projects and there were industry records made in those projects too, i would tell you all those crazy days if we meet, and hopefully some of the stories will blow your mind. yes, we did indeed the impossibles, we laugh at the technology limit, and yes, we love challenges, we are very brave and crazy at the same time. 


we are the game engine expert 

Unreal is fast and easy to use

Cryengine has the highest quality but hard to operate

If you have a VR project , it just doesn't run inside the game engine as you want it to be, then we are your guy. we are specialized in game engine application for VR project and AAA movie quality render. We have worked closely with unreal and cry engine 

we build games


content creating 

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