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Here are a few projects Suspended Reality worked on. 

Trade VR 

Trade is a single player, first person, mystery thriller game with an intriguing and thought-provoking story utilizing the best visuals in VR.

Unique game mechanics allow the player true control of the game. The plot branches dynamically based on the player’s actions and is constantly evolving.

The game learns the players behavior, adapts to their play style, and is never the same on subsequent playthroughs.



Dream -

Dream is a side-scroller oldschool platformer game for PC and Mac. 

Follow Beary to the dreams of his owner Jonathan, and help him clean the mess made by King Nightmare. 

(website to come)




AURA is an educational project in development that has for goal the saveguard of the World Heritage, as well as giving access to its database to schools and Universities. 

(website to come)


Grace is a Virtual Reality Music Experience imagined by Macinnes/Scott. Suspended Reality was brought on to help the with the Unreal Engine integration for the VR experience.