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Who We Are


"We do what we like the most, we make games, by doing what we like the most, we hope to change the world. "




Suspended Reality has been founded with one goal ; Changing the minds through Immersion into the Virtual World. 

Could it be a game, a VR experience, or an educative project. The team at Suspended Reality has been working closely with the best tech companies around the world to create virtual experiences.

We also provide consulting for VFX and Game Engine pipeline while creating our own content, and prototyping projects.

We thrive by pushing the limit of the technology and consciousness, by using our digital skills to interact with people's minds, by helping people comprehend more about the technology and this new era we are living. 

We take great cautions about the projects we take part of, we are proud to say that every project we are working on will push the envelop and the technological limits. 

When we love a project, we always go for the extra miles to make sure that it becomes an unique experience like no other.